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IE 9 RTW Community Launch


When: March 21, 2011

Where: MS Office Philippines


Planning Stage

When: March 10, 2011


Eufer received an email from Mr Gian Javellana (MS Employee) to help him plan to the upcoming community event for ie9, Eufer decided to invite, Me, Jeffrey Lacatan, John Remir Cueto, Dexter Dar, Cesar Cuaresma.

The theme is all about Speed, (Ninja, Cars, Cheetah) and in the end we chose Cars Instead ( A need for speed thing )

I volunteered for the PowerPoint PresentationsOpen-mouthed smile 

and suggested the things that are going to be used for decorations


the 60 FPS and the stoplight


The IE9 Banner was also designed by me with Jeffrey (this was done during the Event few minutes before it will start)

(I used PowerPoint For the Designs)

The event started by eating dinner first, but then an earthquake suddenly felt inside the building, so the management of the building call the attention of everyone to calmly go outside of the building, MS Office Philippines is in 16th and 17th, so we took the fire exit stairs from there.

few minutes later we we’re allowed to go back and continue the eventSmile Thank GodOpen-mouthed smile

Going back to the event,

It was Hosted by Miss Chay Saputil, our nanay in windows7ako community.  introduced Miss Mae Rivera-Moreno (Product Manager) for welcome remarks. Followed by my bestfriend who talked about {Dev:unplugged} Eufer Pasion (MVP)

Followed by a game, hosted by Me and John Remir, called masterofthewebgame. in which you can actually won $3,000 for the grand prize.

Then Sir Dexter Dar introduced the Tips and Tricks about IE9.

Last game was Hosted by  Cesar Cuaresma and Jeffrey Lacatan.

Ended the event by awarding the winnersOpen-mouthed smile

Photos taken from, Mark Barraca, Myk Rome, Daryl Silao, Eufer and Peter Baltazar

The Following videos below are the PowerPoint Decks used from the event that was created by meOpen-mouthed smile

IE9 deck I’ve made for Eufer and Dexter

This was the prototype, but I don’t have enough time to finish it.

Prototype (Need for Speed Concept)

Master of the Web Game

Jitterbugs PowerPoint Slide that we’re used by Jeffrey and Cesar



HTML 5 Web Camp

Sir Edu is looking for speakers for the upcoming HTML web camp and It was Monday (February 21) since Eufer Pasion posted the HTML 5 Web camp event to be held at Microsoft Philippines this coming Saturday (February 26).

It was then that I’m so curious on what is going to happen, and as part of the MS Pinoy Community I wanted to help and participate for the upcoming event. So, Sir Edu asked me if I’m free and willing to speak and all resources shall be given. I simply answered Yes.

Tuesday (February 22)

So upon saying yes, Sir Edu meet us at Starbucks at the 6750 building. we talked for awhile with Sir Joey and Eufer. He gave the resources and treats us CoffeeSmile with tongue out  (thanks Sir Edu Smile )

So the remaining days I dedicated my time to review and study Web Development as a whole. and focused more on Designing with CSS3.

The Event (February 26)

Audience: 100 +

Around 1 PM we started and Sir Edu outlined all the things that will be tackled in the event.

The first speaker is Abram John Limpin, a Silverlight developer, his topic is all about Pinned Sites + Internet Explorer 9 that is really really cool, he first showed how it looks like and how to code it using Visual Studio.  (check out his cool site )

The next speaker was Sir Joey Gomez de Jesus from Avanade, who talked about the Power of HTML 5 in IE9. he showed some websites that uses already HTM5 and how to do some of it.

And the last speaker was me, I talked about Web Design with CSS 3. I started by showing a site ( ) in which there are a lot of photos that came from flicker and once you hover your mouse into a picture, it rotates and gets bigger. From the said link, almost all of the codes are done purely using CSS3. and the only JavaScript that is used there is the code that calls the pictures from flicker.  After that, I showed them how to do it using Visual Studio.

We finished it by giving IE9 shirts and IE9 Jacket.  And Sir Edu announced that something big is going to happen, a contest that will be shown in the beautyofweb page for the next days. He also announced that there will be another set of HTML 5 webcamp that will be posted in the MS Pinoy Community Facebook Page.

The event was a success, thank you Sir Edu for such a great experience. And also believing in me that even I’m not a developer I can still speak in front, head up high. It was first ever talk on the Developer Track. Indeed a very memorable experience.




     Where: Republiq Superclub

   When: January 25, 2011

   Hosts: Tim Vergel de Dios

                Alodia Gosiengfao


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Windows7ako Meet up for IE9 Beta

Where: Microsoft Philippines

When: September 30, 2010

Audience: 150

Dexter, Christopher, Eufer and I were asked by Miss Chay, to organized the Windows7ako Meet up for the release of Internet Explorer 9 Beta, are task is to come up with games and talked about IE9.

Eufer and I are assigned to talk about IE9 for Consumers. then, Christopher and Dexter are assigned to talked about IE9 for IT Professionals.

During the Event, Rory, Jeffrey and Nes helped us facilitating the games.


I made a presentation file for the instruction of games  during the event.

MIC Sessions

Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC)

Where: National Engineering Center, UP Diliman

When: Every Tuesdays

I discovered MIC last February from searching in facebook and I saw MsPhil AcadTeam.  At first, I tried going there on my own. until such time I always posts at school for those who wants to go with me at MIC.  Every week different students, for 2 – 3 batches (1-2PM, 2-3PM and 3-4PM.)

As an instructor I want to give the best for the students.  I want to to teach them to learn outside the four corners of a classroom and have a thirst for new knowledge. 





What’s good with MIC

1. Learning Sessions using Microsoft Technologies

2. Approachable Staffs

3.Prices (T-shirt, Pins, Pens , etc.)

4. and of course FREE SOFTWARES!Open-mouthed smile

Thanks Ms. Mellie Valimento, Sir Tim Vergel de Dios and Sir Cesar Cuaresma for always opening your doors sharing Microsoft Technologies for students at MIC.

Office 2010 Launch Party

Date: May 12, 2010

Where: Microsoft Philippines Office at the 6750 building

I joined a demo contest from the Office 2010 launchSmile 

Sir Jojo Ayson posted the rules and mechanics here:

( kinda cool that Sir Jojo actually used one of my artworks using MS Office application from the windows7kami blog)

I love PowerPoint Open-mouthed smile and playing with it is one of the best thing that you could ever doOpen-mouthed smile I presented a slide called XBOX PPT because  I wanted to show how you can actually play with your PowerPoint application.

With its new features; maximizing and playing with your PowerPoint can be really really cool!

One of a good example of doing that, is having a touch screen like device in a projector slide.Open-mouthed smile (Transitions like gallery, Conveyor and Pan by holding the screen, then sliding your hand side ways will make an illusion of having a big touch screen device ) this will surely amaze your audience.

my presentation is just a short one because that time was getting late and a lot of contestants are still on the line

You can download the file below:

This video is actually shows how to present the 5th and 6th slide.

Hahaha, this is a popularity contest,  Smile with tongue out many of the contestants have their own cheering squad, as for me, hahaha, a little, but this doesn’t stopped me in sharingSmile

Even though I didn’t won anything, the one thing that I treasured most is, on what Sir Jojo said after I presented, an honor coming from a known IT Professional.

a “Good Job” from Sir Jojo Ayson.