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The PowerPoint Alchemist Templates

I just found out that my templates already reached 5530 downloads from templates when I joined Microsoft Office 2011 Calendar Contest.  It was nice to share my templates to the community, feel free to download. I’ll make more of those in the future. So please try to subscribe to have updates. ThanksOpen-mouthed smile




Vote & Win Microsoft Office 2010!

Hello guys! I need your help to make it possible this 2011.

Just follow the link and steps below, vote for "In 5 Slides" entry. PLUS, get a chance to be one of the 100 lucky people winning MS Office 2010!

Each individual may vote  one (1) time per day using a valid email address.

TAKE NOTE ONE VOTE PER DAY ONLY. multiple email addresses from one user  are not allowed.  Multiple voters are not permitted to share the same email address.

Voting phase is until January 20, 2011

How to Vote?

1. Go to and LIKE the page


2. Go to Make It Great Tab


3. Click ENTER NOW button.

(If you are having problem loading the web page, try to go to this link: )

Note: in the registration page, phone number is optional (you can leave it blank)

4. Enter your e-mail address


5. Click View Gallery



6. Select


7. Finally, Click Vote for this Entry.

Please vote once a day for my entry “In 5 Slides” until January 20, 2011 and get a chance to win a Microsoft Office 2010!Open-mouthed smile There’s no stopping you to vote the other finalist if you think he/she deserves to winOpen-mouthed smile

Make It Great, Make It a Habit and help me to Make It Possible this 2011. Thank you so much for your support and God Bless Everyone!Open-mouthed smile

You can also download my prezo from the link, and explore how Office 2010 Makes It Great in making my entry, using the new features of PowerPoint 2010 .

Features used in My Entry:

1. Custom Shapes (New)

2. Insert Video from website (New)

3. Remove Background (New)

      3.1. Fill Properties

4. Screen Clipping (New)

5. Sections (New)

6. (New) Transitions

7.Animation Painter (New)

8. Select Tool

9. Format Text

10. Create a Video (New) -used for the YouTube video in the “Kariton Classroom”

Office 2010 Blog Contest

A contest from MS Pinoy Community Group which Jennifer and I won. Each of us got a Microsoft Office 2010 Jacket, Microsoft Office T-Shirt and Microsoft Office Messenger Bag. Thank you MS Pinoy and Office2010tayo.


Office 2010 Freebies Up for Grabs

Hurry up! you have until November 13 to submit your entry.MS pinoy

Office 2010 Prizes (Note: all 3 will go to 1 winner)

  1. Office 2010 Jacket
  2. Office 2010 Messenger Bag
  3. Office 2010 Dri-Fit Shirt

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    Office 2011 Calendar

    Looking for a 2011 Calendar? Here you go! Done purely using PowerPoint 2010.

    This was my entry from a Calendar Contest provided by last September.


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    Office 2010 Launch Party

    Date: May 12, 2010

    Where: Microsoft Philippines Office at the 6750 building

    I joined a demo contest from the Office 2010 launchSmile 

    Sir Jojo Ayson posted the rules and mechanics here:

    ( kinda cool that Sir Jojo actually used one of my artworks using MS Office application from the windows7kami blog)

    I love PowerPoint Open-mouthed smile and playing with it is one of the best thing that you could ever doOpen-mouthed smile I presented a slide called XBOX PPT because  I wanted to show how you can actually play with your PowerPoint application.

    With its new features; maximizing and playing with your PowerPoint can be really really cool!

    One of a good example of doing that, is having a touch screen like device in a projector slide.Open-mouthed smile (Transitions like gallery, Conveyor and Pan by holding the screen, then sliding your hand side ways will make an illusion of having a big touch screen device ) this will surely amaze your audience.

    my presentation is just a short one because that time was getting late and a lot of contestants are still on the line

    You can download the file below:

    This video is actually shows how to present the 5th and 6th slide.

    Hahaha, this is a popularity contest,  Smile with tongue out many of the contestants have their own cheering squad, as for me, hahaha, a little, but this doesn’t stopped me in sharingSmile

    Even though I didn’t won anything, the one thing that I treasured most is, on what Sir Jojo said after I presented, an honor coming from a known IT Professional.

    a “Good Job” from Sir Jojo Ayson.