Informatics Techno Camp

It was last month since Sir Glenn Macatiag, my former Professor now also my Co-Faculty, invited me to be one of the resource speaker for the upcoming event hosted by Informatics.

The event will be held at UP techno HUB.

I asked Sir Glenn if I could bring another speaker, this time me and Eufer (my best friend) decided to focus now on Jeffrey Lacatan, a close friend from the MS Pinoy community.

So, 2 days before the event Jeffrey and I meet at Trinoma to talked about the topics were going to discuss.


Date: March 19, 2011

Where: Philippine Medical Association Auditorium

Attendees: 250-300

I didn’t know that the event was actually for high school students from different schools.  The hosts announced that it is actually consists of 17 Secondary Schools and some students form Informatics.

and the hosts also said that they’re showing it to a cable channel. I just forgot what network is that.


Jeffrey talked first, his topic is all about Windows 7. Tips and tricks.


Then after him, was meOpen-mouthed smile of course my topic was all about Microsoft Office 2010.

I always ask this to the students every time I’m invited to do speak. that who among them are using Office 2010? (a little only) majority are still using Office 2003 and 2007. so for those who raised their hands that uses Office 2010. a asked them, do you utilize the new features it offers?

Guess what only 1 of them from the audience are using it, but he said he only knows a little.

(Some are actually using the latest version but haven’t really tried maximizing its capabilities)

So I started from Word, made some cool activities like making a love letter from scratch from Insert Screen Clipping, Remove background, adding a Background from the removed background, Cropping it to shape. then a text  of a girls name using Ligatures adding Text Effects. and for the content I teach them how to use the Navigation Pane  with the content using =rand(# of paragraphs, # of sentence (s) per each)

Next, Excel 2010, I started by showing the grades of my students to them, made a Line graph and asked them how to interpret the data if a certain student is passing or not. So I start my demo in excel using SparkLines. followed by Improved Filter and of course the Slicers from Pivot Table and Chart.

And Last is PowerPoint, I started making a pacman shaped using Custom Shapes Feature of PowerPoint 2010, I even combined Pacman and the Ghost using Shape CombineSmile with tongue out also I discussed the animation painter. Cool Transitions (I even demoed how to present with a fake touch screen device using the transitions of PowerPoint 2010) Sections and Manipulating Videos in PowerPoint like changing the color, crop video in shape, trimming it, etc.)

Since there’s no internet access,  Co-authoring feature, Broadcast Slideshow, Insert Video from website and other Web Based features are not discussed. but I showed a video to them.

There are still time so I showed them Microsoft Mathematics Version 4 Open-mouthed smile

and the whole crowd roared when I show them x=3x+4 finding the value of x with its solution steps. plus graphing it in 2DOpen-mouthed smile in the end I ended my presentation with a quote “With Great Applications comes with Great Responsibility”

Here are some Pictures taken from the event:

I heard some of the feedback

that indeed a lot learned from our talk.

according to one of of my friend heard

“Wag na lang kayo sumali sa contest, makinig na lang tayo dun sa event”

(because simultaneously, Informatics was also having a contest on web design and digital design at school. )



My expertise here should be Microsoft Office 2010. anyway what’s important I impart my knowledge to the audience very well.

Thank you Informatics for inviting us. Until next time, God BlessOpen-mouthed smile


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I'm a part time instructor at Informatics International College Diliman. Teaching Computer Applications such as MS Office Suites and Computer Aided Design (CAD). View all posts by johnerwinmagno

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