HTML 5 Web Camp

Sir Edu is looking for speakers for the upcoming HTML web camp and It was Monday (February 21) since Eufer Pasion posted the HTML 5 Web camp event to be held at Microsoft Philippines this coming Saturday (February 26).

It was then that I’m so curious on what is going to happen, and as part of the MS Pinoy Community I wanted to help and participate for the upcoming event. So, Sir Edu asked me if I’m free and willing to speak and all resources shall be given. I simply answered Yes.

Tuesday (February 22)

So upon saying yes, Sir Edu meet us at Starbucks at the 6750 building. we talked for awhile with Sir Joey and Eufer. He gave the resources and treats us CoffeeSmile with tongue out  (thanks Sir Edu Smile )

So the remaining days I dedicated my time to review and study Web Development as a whole. and focused more on Designing with CSS3.

The Event (February 26)

Audience: 100 +

Around 1 PM we started and Sir Edu outlined all the things that will be tackled in the event.

The first speaker is Abram John Limpin, a Silverlight developer, his topic is all about Pinned Sites + Internet Explorer 9 that is really really cool, he first showed how it looks like and how to code it using Visual Studio.  (check out his cool site )

The next speaker was Sir Joey Gomez de Jesus from Avanade, who talked about the Power of HTML 5 in IE9. he showed some websites that uses already HTM5 and how to do some of it.

And the last speaker was me, I talked about Web Design with CSS 3. I started by showing a site ( ) in which there are a lot of photos that came from flicker and once you hover your mouse into a picture, it rotates and gets bigger. From the said link, almost all of the codes are done purely using CSS3. and the only JavaScript that is used there is the code that calls the pictures from flicker.  After that, I showed them how to do it using Visual Studio.

We finished it by giving IE9 shirts and IE9 Jacket.  And Sir Edu announced that something big is going to happen, a contest that will be shown in the beautyofweb page for the next days. He also announced that there will be another set of HTML 5 webcamp that will be posted in the MS Pinoy Community Facebook Page.

The event was a success, thank you Sir Edu for such a great experience. And also believing in me that even I’m not a developer I can still speak in front, head up high. It was first ever talk on the Developer Track. Indeed a very memorable experience.


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