Pamantasan ng Montalban



When:  February 18, 2011

Where: Montalban Town Center

Attendees: 110 +

Topic: Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Microsoft Mathematics

Kiel de Guzman invited me to be their resource speaker last month to talk about Microsoft Office 2010 for Computer Engineering (CoE) students.

This was my first time to talk alone for a seminar.

Montalban is too far from my home. so I decided to wake up early, 5AM. left home 5:45 AM and guess what, I arrived at the venue 7:45AM. way too early Laughing out loud

In the invitation the seminar should start at 9:00AM. The venue is still closed and “Manang” the caretaker arrived 9:45AM.

Since the venue cannot accommodate large number of attendees. Kiel decided to have 3 batch instead. (1st batch – 50+ students, 2nd batch – 30+ students, and 3rd batch – 30+)

We started 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM for the 1st batch, 11:30-1:00PM for 2nd batch, we took a break for 30 minutes and resumed for the 3rd batch at 1:30 PM and finished 3:00 PM

Here are some Pictures from the event:


Another great day spreading the word of Microsoft Technologies.  Thank you Kiel and students of Pamantasan ng Montalban. God Bless you all. Till next time.Smile 



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I'm a part time instructor at Informatics International College Diliman. Teaching Computer Applications such as MS Office Suites and Computer Aided Design (CAD). View all posts by johnerwinmagno

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