Where: Republiq Superclub

   When: January 25, 2011

   Hosts: Tim Vergel de Dios

                Alodia Gosiengfao


Opening Remarks: Mr. John Bessey, managing director of Microsoft Philippines.

Cloning Session: for roughly 15-20 minutes the following people share their stories and their best practices using Microsoft Technologies.

Mr. Jojo Ayson,  engineering manager for security of SeaChange International; Mr. Arup Maity, president and CEO of BlastAsia, Inc., Microsoft Partner DB Wizards; Team by Implication, which won first place in the Game Design category in the 2010 Imagine Cup competition. 

Networking Session: 100 people with different stories using the best practices of Microsoft Technologies.


I’m one of the speakers during the Networking Sessions, sharing my stories as an Educator.

These are my stories:

TITLE 1: This is how I engage my students in learning using Microsoft Mouse Mischief.

ABSTRACT: There is lack of computers to engage students in learning, as an educator, I want to get an interaction between my students and to what I teach. Microsoft Mouse mischief to the rescue, this reduces cost in buying new computers and at the same time interactive learning for students.

TITLE 2: This is how I share presentations using the new feature of PowerPoint 2010

ABSTRACT: It’s been a problem for us faculty members to borrow projector at the same time.  We only have two projectors at school, Good thing there’s a new feature of PowerPoint called Broadcast slideshow. With the use of internet and the new feature, this can be an alternative way in the absence of a projector.

These stories will be published in a Comic Book this February 2011.

MVP 01

My Best Pals (Jeffrey Lacatan and Eufer Pasion)

unknown MVP 02


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I'm a part time instructor at Informatics International College Diliman. Teaching Computer Applications such as MS Office Suites and Computer Aided Design (CAD). View all posts by johnerwinmagno

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