Sand Timer Countdown


            How to make your own Sand timer using

                           PowerPoint 2010?

                 Features we’re going to use.

                   1. Insert Shapes (Rectangle and Triangle)

                   2. Custom Shapes (Shapes Union)

                    3. Animations (Wipe)



1. Start by Inserting objects.


2. Use Shape Union (Custom Shapes feature.)


3. Format the Picture,

  • For the BODY, Go to Format Tab –> Shape fill = White
  • For the SAND, Right click the Object –> Select Format Shape –> Fill Tab –> Picture or Texture Fill –> Texture –> Select SAND



4. Copy the image, and flip vertically in Format Tab. (The sand below the sand timer make a rectangle object)


5. Move images, but make sure the Sand Object is in front of the Body object then add the necessary animation shown below.


For the 1 minute mark it’s better to add a text indicating that the time is up. Add an animation for 1 second, and make sure the animation comes after the sand timer.


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