Animation Painter

Are you using the format painter feature of Microsoft Office applications, for example in Word? basically this feature is just going to copy the format of a text to another text.

Now lets go to PowerPoint. Basically, I’ve been making lots of animations in my slides, and my problem is, the animations I’ve made from one object will also need to have the same animation to another object.

Well, No more wasting time to repeat all animations again and again with the new feature of PowerPoint.

The Power of Animation Painter. This feature will inherit all animations or actions even the configurations from one object to another object

To do this

1. Select the object that has the animations you want to copy,

2. Go to Animations Tab,

3. Click "Animation Painter" in Advanced Animation Group

alt4. Then select the object you want to have the animation. 

A tutorial on how to use animation painter is shown below

Note: To apply the same animation to multiple objects just simply double click the animation painter button.


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