Custom Shapes

Make your own shapes according to what you need.

By default or upon fresh installation of Office 2010, custom shapes is not on your ribbon.  You need to go to the File (Backstage view), select the options tab. then select Customize Ribbon.

if you already have customized your ribbon and added Shape Combine, Shape Subtract, Shape Union, Shape Intersect as shown below, we can start making our own shape.


A sample illustration is shown below using the feature





you can even make your own logo Smile

pacman inc

Here are some objects I’ve made from my entry:


      image            image

One of the good thing with making your own shapes, it makes your file small. around 40 kb. per object, depending on how many shapes you’ve included.


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I'm a part time instructor at Informatics International College Diliman. Teaching Computer Applications such as MS Office Suites and Computer Aided Design (CAD). View all posts by johnerwinmagno

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