First Speak this 2011 Open-mouthed smile 

Joenel Arroyo, a student of EARIST, invited Christopher, Eufer and I to be their resource speaker this January 7, 2011.

Date: January 7, 2011

As usual I didn’t have enough sleep because I need to wake up earlySmile with tongue out

We arrived at the venue and started around 9:30 AM, and wwooowwww!!! there are so many students in the venue. According to Joenel they have 197 student attendees. (High School and College Students)

Christopher Ryan Abary was the first one who talked, he discussed Genuine Advantage of Windows 7 and what Microsoft’s Future Plans.

At 11AM, we took a break and resumed at 1 PM.

Eufer Pasion discussed Windows 7 Tips and Tricks and the new features of Microsoft Word 2010:D 

After Eufer finished his topic, I noticed that it was getting hot in the venue and the attention of the students are starting to wore out.

So, I started by saying loudly “Hi!!!” and from that moment I had already got their attention.

I talked about the New Features of Office 2010 for Excel and PowerPoint and some add-ins, Microsoft Math, DreamSpark,  and Imagine Cup.

Students are very amazed on what Office 2010 offers.  and I always asked them “Astig ba?” (to keep their attention on to what I’m discussing) and a roaring replied from them ,“ASTIG!!!”

in the end we gave prizes like shirts,  jacket.

After the event, Students from EARIST, called me “Sir Astig!” or “Mr. Astig!” Astig is a term “I Rock!”

We even have an interview after the seminar for the school paper of EARIST.

It was another awesome day, Thank you EARIST for inviting us till next timeOpen-mouthed smile


Here are some pictures at EARIST CAVITE CAMPUS.


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