Informatics International College–Faculty Training

Informatics  - Diliman ALUMNI

Where: IIC-Diliman

When: September 27, 2010

Faculty Members Attended: 16

I ask for permission to our Dean Jewel H. Udarbe MSIT, MTM, MPA-SIM )and our EVP (Engr. Ines Basaen Ph.D) if I could conduct a seminar for faculty members about Microsoft Office 2010 and to what extents will the applications will help them with their job.

Also, I ask my best friend/colleague to be with me on the said event.

So I taught him the new features of Office 2010, and gave him his topic. His name is Ruther John Masiglat a web developer/Instructor.  His task is to discussed Word and Excel 2010 new features.

My topic is all about the new features of PowerPoint 2010, Add-ins (Microsoft Mouse Mischief, Learning Essentials and Ribbon Hero) and Microsoft Math.

We started 10:30AM, So I discussed first the overview on what we are going to discuss.

Ruther started discussing the New Features of Word 2010 (Navigation Pane, Remove background Feature, Open Type typography,  Insert Screenshot, Etc) followed by Excel 2010 (Sparklines, Slicers…)

Thereafter, I started discussing PowerPoint 2010 (Sections, Custom Shapes, New Transitions, Reading View, Broadcast Slideshow, Video Editing, Saving ppt file to a wmv(Windows Media Video) file, etc.). I also introduced them to other application add-ins for Office 2010 like Microsoft Mouse-Mischief for Interactive Presentation between the Teacher and Students, next is Learning Essentials particularly in making tests and Ribbon Hero to review and practice the features of Microsoft Office offers. and the last topic is Microsoft Math.

In the end, our Dean and EVP asked if we can do the same thing again for the students. So we said Yes since this is also our plan.


About johnerwinmagno

I'm a part time instructor at Informatics International College Diliman. Teaching Computer Applications such as MS Office Suites and Computer Aided Design (CAD). View all posts by johnerwinmagno

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