Office 2010 Launch Party

Date: May 12, 2010

Where: Microsoft Philippines Office at the 6750 building

I joined a demo contest from the Office 2010 launchSmile 

Sir Jojo Ayson posted the rules and mechanics here:

( kinda cool that Sir Jojo actually used one of my artworks using MS Office application from the windows7kami blog)

I love PowerPoint Open-mouthed smile and playing with it is one of the best thing that you could ever doOpen-mouthed smile I presented a slide called XBOX PPT because  I wanted to show how you can actually play with your PowerPoint application.

With its new features; maximizing and playing with your PowerPoint can be really really cool!

One of a good example of doing that, is having a touch screen like device in a projector slide.Open-mouthed smile (Transitions like gallery, Conveyor and Pan by holding the screen, then sliding your hand side ways will make an illusion of having a big touch screen device ) this will surely amaze your audience.

my presentation is just a short one because that time was getting late and a lot of contestants are still on the line

You can download the file below:

This video is actually shows how to present the 5th and 6th slide.

Hahaha, this is a popularity contest,  Smile with tongue out many of the contestants have their own cheering squad, as for me, hahaha, a little, but this doesn’t stopped me in sharingSmile

Even though I didn’t won anything, the one thing that I treasured most is, on what Sir Jojo said after I presented, an honor coming from a known IT Professional.

a “Good Job” from Sir Jojo Ayson. 


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