How to Insert a Dummy Text in MS Word?

To do this:

1. Open Microsoft Word


2. Type any of the two:

  • =lorem(a,b)
  • =rand(a,b)

Note: “a” is the number of paragraph(s), and “b” is the number of sentence(s) per paragraph. And don’t include spaces in between.

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Ribbon Hero 2 Levels

Ribbon Hero

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Ribbon Hero 2 (Comic Strips)


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Ribbon Hero 2

He’s back!!!


Clippy back from the dead didn’t return to annoy some office users.  Clippy  is asking for a second chance using the new add-in tool created by Microsoft Office Labs called Ribbon Hero.

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IE 9 RTW Community Launch


When: March 21, 2011

Where: MS Office Philippines


Planning Stage

When: March 10, 2011


Eufer received an email from Mr Gian Javellana (MS Employee) to help him plan to the upcoming community event for ie9, Eufer decided to invite, Me, Jeffrey Lacatan, John Remir Cueto, Dexter Dar, Cesar Cuaresma.

The theme is all about Speed, (Ninja, Cars, Cheetah) and in the end we chose Cars Instead ( A need for speed thing )

I volunteered for the PowerPoint PresentationsOpen-mouthed smile 

and suggested the things that are going to be used for decorations


the 60 FPS and the stoplight


The IE9 Banner was also designed by me with Jeffrey (this was done during the Event few minutes before it will start)

(I used PowerPoint For the Designs)

The event started by eating dinner first, but then an earthquake suddenly felt inside the building, so the management of the building call the attention of everyone to calmly go outside of the building, MS Office Philippines is in 16th and 17th, so we took the fire exit stairs from there.

few minutes later we we’re allowed to go back and continue the eventSmile Thank GodOpen-mouthed smile

Going back to the event,

It was Hosted by Miss Chay Saputil, our nanay in windows7ako community.  introduced Miss Mae Rivera-Moreno (Product Manager) for welcome remarks. Followed by my bestfriend who talked about {Dev:unplugged} Eufer Pasion (MVP)

Followed by a game, hosted by Me and John Remir, called masterofthewebgame. in which you can actually won $3,000 for the grand prize.

Then Sir Dexter Dar introduced the Tips and Tricks about IE9.

Last game was Hosted by  Cesar Cuaresma and Jeffrey Lacatan.

Ended the event by awarding the winnersOpen-mouthed smile

Photos taken from, Mark Barraca, Myk Rome, Daryl Silao, Eufer and Peter Baltazar

The Following videos below are the PowerPoint Decks used from the event that was created by meOpen-mouthed smile

IE9 deck I’ve made for Eufer and Dexter

This was the prototype, but I don’t have enough time to finish it.

Prototype (Need for Speed Concept)

Master of the Web Game

Jitterbugs PowerPoint Slide that we’re used by Jeffrey and Cesar


Informatics Techno Camp

It was last month since Sir Glenn Macatiag, my former Professor now also my Co-Faculty, invited me to be one of the resource speaker for the upcoming event hosted by Informatics.

The event will be held at UP techno HUB.

I asked Sir Glenn if I could bring another speaker, this time me and Eufer (my best friend) decided to focus now on Jeffrey Lacatan, a close friend from the MS Pinoy community.

So, 2 days before the event Jeffrey and I meet at Trinoma to talked about the topics were going to discuss.

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Removing Multiple Hyperlinks in MS Word

I had a document containing full of hyperlinks.

To remove it manually, I need to select first the word(s) that contains hyperlink, then right click, and select Remove Hyperlink.

Isn’t hard to remove hyperlinks in Word if your going to do it one by one? what if your document contains hundreds of hyperlinks?

Good thing we have a shortcut for that.

To do this:

1. Select All (Ctrl+A)

2. Press ( Ctrl +Shift + F9)

This shortcut is very powerful making it easy and makes your time efficient.